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Welcome to Oak Paw Publishing’s general submission information page, your one-stop shop for answering the question of if you think we want to see your work!

We accept submissions from new & experienced authors, with or without agent representation. 

Things we will NOT accept:

  • Racism, sexism, or discrimination are presented in a positive light.

  • Pedophilia or sex with characters under the age of 18 is presented in a positive light.

  • Rape, torture, dubious consent, and forced seduction are presented in a positive light.

  • Snuff, necrophilia, or bestiality presented in a positive light


 If you are in doubt, ASK.

Better to ask than to get rejected!

When submitting, please have the following included:

  • A brief 1-2 paragraph synopsis

  • Writer bio

  • Estimated length of manuscript in words & pages if not submitting full manuscript

  • A description of the target audience

  • Titles of books that you feel are similar to yours

  • 2-3 sample chapters (not the first one)

  • Potential trigger warnings, if you feel they are necessary

  • Social media handles

*When submitting, please expect 6-8 weeks for a response. The team wants to give your work the proper time it deserves!

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Poetry - Lavender Lemonade Press  --> OPEN
Metaphysical - Cinnamon Sage Press --> OPEN

Adult fiction - Oak Paw --> OPEN
Nonfiction serious - Oak Paw Experience  --> OPEN

Nonfiction creative - Rainbow Rhapsody Books --> OPEN
Middle grade - Clyde Ally Books --> OPEN

SFF - Once & Future Words  --> OPEN
YA - Jade Otter Books  --> OPEN

Spicy Romance - Five Alarm Eros  --> OPEN
Soft Romance - Love Me Tender Tales  --> OPEN
Anthro Lit - Black Dog Bebop  --> OPEN

Soaring Shadows Horror --> OPEN

Graphic Novels - Sor Fin  --> CLOSED
Young Readers - Nibling Books  --> CLOSED

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